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Discover Quality Christian Singles At Christian Singles Only. Meeting people is not hard – meeting quality singles that share your values and your faith in Christ is what can be so challenging. That’s why at Christian Singles Only we help you focus on dating the right people by introducing you to sincere, faith-oriented singles you would not normally meet on your own.


How to Pick The Right Dating Service

True or False? You are here today because you are not dating the right people and what you are doing is not working for you. We know the answer to that question already because you would not be here if it were not true. You want a quality relationship with someone that is special, and Christian, and that’s why you are here.

Picking the right dating service isn’t as challenging as it might seem. It starts with figuring out your priorities and goals. What is it that you ultimately want in a perfect world?

A lot of people say at first that they only want casual dating. They are not interested in a serious relationship. Is that really true? So if I helped you find an amazing man or woman, someone that really made your heart jump and had everything that you really wanted in a dating partner, you would only want to have “casual dating.” Do you still want just casual dating? Of course you want that someone special in your life. Duh! And God wants you to find that special someone too. But a lot of people say they only want casual dating because they are afraid of replicating the problems in their past relationships.

I am here today to tell you that it does not have to be that way. Deep down inside, I know you want a committed loving relationship and I am here to help you find it.

Serious Singles Should Choose An Offline Professional Dating Service

The best choice for relationship minded singles is a professional dating service or matchmaking organization. They have the experience and know-how to find you those singles that you really want to meet but are so hard to find on your own. Working with a professional dating service has a lot of great benefits.

First and foremost, a professional dating service is going to get to know you on a personal level. They will meet with you in person to find out your likes and dislikes in a relationship. They will help you attract the quality Christian Singles that you are not meeting on your own. They will conduct compatibility testing to help you find someone compatible, so your relationship can be long-lasting. Professional matchmakers will also provide coaching and feedback along the way until you find that someone special. They do all the work for you and it will save you time and frustration, especially when compared to online dating.

A professional dating service is also going to provide background checks and meet with everyone in person. That way, you can be assured that everyone you meet is real, truly single, and truly interested in a long-term relationship. This safety feature is far superior to online dating, where you do not even know if people are truly single.

Most importantly, a professional offline dating service is going to attract the serious Christian singles that you want to meet. The bar scene and online dating are filled with a lot of game players. A professional dating service is going to weed through all that mess for you. They will weed through the losers, cheaters, and married people so you don’t have to.

Lucky for you, we’ve found all the top offline dating services for you. We’ve created a network of over 90 leading dating service offices around the country. Our average partner has well over 20 years of experience in the professional dating business. Collectively, they have led to tens of thousands of marriages.

One of our clients the other day told us about a thank you email that they received from one of their happy matches. This was no ordinary email. It was from a couple that was married through their service 27 years ago. This same couple has children that are older than Match.com and eHarmony. Our dating partners have a proven track record of creating long-term relationships and I know they can help you too.

So here is what I want you to do next….

Complete our online form located at the top of the page. This form is going to help us find the right partner for you in your local area. It is also going to determine if you qualify for their services. If you qualify, we will pass on your information to them so you can arrange for a no-risk consultation with them. There is absolutely no obligation. You have nothing to lose.

An Online Dating Site Can Also Help You Find Love

You may be asking yourself, what if I don’t qualify or what if there is not a good offline dating service in my area. Lucky for you, if you don’t qualify or there’s not one in your area, we have some great online dating options for you.

The best thing about online dating is that it brings together a lot of people.It literally brings together millions of singles from around the globe. They are sites focused on over 40 singles, Christian singles, divorced singles, widowed singles, senior singles and single parents. The trick is to pick the right site for you or you could be leading to a lot of disappointment. Also be prepared to invest some time with online dating, but if you find the right Christian dating site it can be well worth it. (More on that in a minute).

Online dating is also very affordable at $30 per month or less. If you’re not willing to invest a few hundred dollars to find someone special, then maybe you don’t deserve to meet someone special. “But what if I don’t meet someone?” There’s no guarantees in life, but if you had that someone special in life and I gave you $200 to give them up, would you do it? Of course not. But what about $20,000? Heck no. Most people don’t have a number that they would agree to. So if finding someone special is priceless, then investing $30 a month to meet someone special is a miniscule amount of money to pay in the grand scheme of life. Just pull out your credit card and give it a shot. You’ll thank me later. You can never win the chances that you don’t take.

Now that I have convinced you to delve into the world of online dating, you need to pick the right site. We recommend the following two sites.

Here’s Our Top Three Online Dating Sites For Christian Singles

You are here today because you want to meet Christian Singles looking for a relationship. We recommend the following three sites.

CHOICE #1 = ChristianMatchmaker.com

ChristianMatchmaker.com is a fantastic choice for Christian Singles. It is one of the easiest dating sites to use on the internet. And best of all, it is focused on relationship minded Christian singles. The site is part of the Matchmaker.com group of websites. Matchmaker.com was one of the very first dating sites on the internet, even before some of the sites that you see on TV. You can create a profile for free….

**** Click Here To Visit ChristianMatchmaker.com ****


CHOICE #2 = SeniorPeopleMeet.com

SeniorPeopleMeet is a fantastic choice for older Christian Singles. Don’t let the “Senior” fool you. It’s a great choice for singles over the age of 40. It is part of the Match.com group. What we like about SeniorPeopleMeet.com is that it is very to use, very affordable, and it attracts serious singles. It is the largest online dating website focused on singles over the age of 40 so you will have a lot of singles to choose from. Not all of them will be Christian, but you can easily screen for Christian singles. Due to its large membership base and ease of use, SeniorPeopleMeet.com is a great choice for older singles.

**** Click Here To Visit SeniorPeopleMeet.com ****


CHOICE #3 = eHarmony

eHarmony is another great choice for Christian Singles. eHarmony is different than most online dating sites in that it is a online matchmaking service. It tests you on 29 levels of compatibility so you meet someone that shares your values and beliefs. They can match you with Christian singles in your area. eHarmony takes a time investment, but it is a great site for sincere Christian singles that are open to the online matchmaking approach. No computer algorithm is perfect at matching two people, but the eHarmony system has proven to be quite successful for people willing to give it some time.

*** Click Here To Visit eHarmony.com ****


All three sites are excellent choices. If you are so inclined, there is nothing stopping you from signing up at more than one site.


Avoid FREE Online Dating Sites or Sites That Seem To Good To Be True

It is just as important to avoid dating options that could leave you disappointed and frustrated in the end. For us, one of the options is free online dating sites.

Have you ever heard the saying, you get what you pay for? With free online dating, we see more problems than real opportunities to meet someone special.

The biggest problem with free online dating is that it attracts all types of wierdos and people that are not serious. All of these wierdos quickly drive serious, sincere Christian singles away. They have large databases, but that does not matter to you if all the people that you want to meet get driven away because they are turned off by the process. In addition, many people post racy photos that are not very Christian like and may even be pornographic or explicit in nature. That’s why the biggest revenue source for free dating sites is to refer singles to paid dating sites where the overall quality of experience is much better.

Another factor to consider is understanding how pulling out one’s credit card and making an investment can serve as a great pre-qualifier that someone is truly serious. On paid dating sites, people are paying money to actually meet you. Let that sink in for a moment. On the otherhand, people on free online dating sites have no investment in the game. They can waste your time and lead you to have great amounts of frustration.

If you are truly serious about meeting someone special, why are you going to use a method that inherently attracts people that are not serious or are so cheap that they cannot invest $30 to meet the person of their dreams.


The Most Important Thing Is To Not Go Back To What You Were Doing

You need to make a change!!!

What you are doing is not working for you. You are not desperate. But you are not meeting the right types of Christian Singles that you deserve to meet.

Take a minute to complete our form to see if we have one of our offline dating partners. Try one of our recommended Christian dating sites.

But don’t take a step backwards and go back to the way you have been meeting singles. God brought you here for a reason today! So take a step forward and take action. You deserve to meet someone special. Start meeting them now.


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